Monday, March 12, 2012

At home beauty tips!

I am always on the hunt for at home skin tips! I recently stopped in at Heaven and Earth Salon and Spa, in Pottsville, PA. I got a chance to sit down with my favorite skin specialist Helene, the Spa Director at Heaven and Earth. I have been going to Helene since high school, and she has always been so sweet to help me out!  She answered some of my questions, and offered some fun tips!

Whole Milk + Honey
Vegan version (Since I'm not a huge fan of milk!) = Silken Tofu+ Agave Nectar
    -1 C Milk  + 2 tsp Honey/ Agave Nectar
    -I left on for 10 minutes! Then, rinse off with warm water!

Steel cut oats + Water
    -1 C steel cut oats + 1 C water
    -Scrub gently into skin.  Rinse off! (This is perfect to use on legs as well to get rid of winter dryness!)

Under Eyes 
Chamomile Tea Bags
    -Put two teabags with hot water in fridge overnight, until it reaches a chilly temperature. Wring out teabags and put on eyes for 10-15 minutes.

1 tsp Baking Soda + 1 tsp water
    -Dab on pimple before sleep!
    -Also, Helene mentioned putting toothpaste on your pimples as well! This may seem a little crazy but it will dry out the pimple!
Redness on pimples! 
Visine + Q-tip
    -Dab on troubled area!

Extra Face Tips!

  •  Remove any/ and every ounce of makeup off of face at night.
  • Always wash your face at night! (The make up will seep into your pillow and stay there, creating bacteria!)
  •  "Make-up will only look good if your skin looks good!" Taking care of your skin is key!

There you go! Some quick tips with at- home items!
A little bit about our friend Helene! (Featured with hair stylist, Bonnie!)

Helene started her beauty journey about 15 years ago! She was going to see Scott (Now, Heaven and Earth Salon and Spa Owner) to get her hair done. Unhappy in her sales and marketing job at Nexxus Hair Products, Scott explained he was starting a salon and spa, he encouraged to her to take classes and become the spa director! She attended classes to be an esthetician and has been at Heaven and Earth ever since! Also! Stop over here at The Painted Ladies for Helene's friend's blog. They offer fun and different eyeshadow, and special makeup tips.

Thanks, Helene!

If you ever get a chance, to go to Pottsville, PA make sure you stop in to Heaven and Earth Salon and Spa! It's right down the street from the wonderful Yuengling Brewing Company! Heaven and Earth is filled with lots of lovely art work, and neat projects. I am truly at amazement every time I go in with all the different art projects that line the walls, and hang from the ceilings!


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