Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Bowtie Flats

It's Jillybean, and I am here to bring you a simple DIY to jazz up your flats!
This DIY brought me back to my years as a ballerina. (I admit I wasn't good, but I had fun!) During the later years, split sole ballet shoes were a more serious ballet slipper. But you had to sew your own elastic straps on them! This DIY is kind of the same thing!

Things you need:
1. Pair of flats. (I bought mine at K-mart for 13 dollars!)
2. Pretty fabric (You will need 2/ 8x5 squares + 2/ 1x5 inch strips, I got a half of yard at Jo Ann's for 2.50!)
3. Scissors
4. Leather Sewing needle
5. Sewing Machine
6. Straight Pins
7. Sewing Ruler
8. Thread to match your choice of flats, and your choice of fabric!

1. Measure your elastic across the top of your shoe (with your foot inside!) Cut your strips to your size. (Remember, you are going to want to make this a bit tighter, loose elastic isn't comfortable, or not that great at holding your foot inside!) I wanted a perfect line across my flats with my elastic. So, I marked off with straight pins, and a sewing ruler.  Plus, this gives you a marking for later, when you need to keep the elastic in place.

2. (Dos! Deux! Whatever!) Measure your fabric for the bows. I used a tape measure, to cut out 2/ 8x5 squares. Reason for this: You will cut the fabric in half, and sew the two pieces together! Snip, Snip, Snip! You will also want to cut out 2 strips of 1/5 inches. This will be for your top of your bowtie. 

3.  Prepare your sewing machine! Thread your bobbin, etc. etc! Sew around the edges of your fabric. Make sure they are back to back, on the top side. Sew! Sew! Sew!! 

4. Show off your new sewed pieces to your mom, or get her to hold yours up for you and show them off. (I think my mom was thrilled at how well I picked up using a sewing machine!) 

At this point, you are so close to wearing your new flats out! So take a snack break if you choose or hang out with your lovely furry friend for a second, and carry on! 

5. Get your two piece of fabric to use for your top of your bowtie, and wrap them around your square piece of newly stitched fabric. (Little Jill Note: Fold your fabric over and under like an accordion to create more of a effect, and it also will make it easier to wrap the fabric around.) 

6. After you wrap the two around the fabric, take the pieces to your sewing machine. Sew right across the fabric. 

7. Take your elastic strands, and slip through the back of the bowtie. (Little Jill Note: I sewed a quick x- shape across the back to hold the elastic and the wrapped fabric in place on the elastic strap. But this step is completely up to you!) 

Now! You should have two elastic straps with bowties attached! Cute right!?
8. Thread your special leather sewing needle, and acquire your thimble. Keep your straight pin in the side of the shoe as long as you can to prevent the elastic from slipping, and not making a straight line. 

Repeat on the other shoe, and boom! A totally new flat!
Feel free to perfect your dance moves like myself or just wear them out!  Hehe enjoy!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Cute!!! What a nice way of embellishing a simple pair of flats. :-)