Sunday, March 18, 2012


Most skirts that I buy tend to be of the granny length, cost one dollar, fray and then get thrown out. One day this all changed via the discovery of the most striking floral skirt I had ever laid my eyes on. Since I was home for a few days celebrating my birthday, I asked my mom to help me hem this special skirt (since it was unnaturally long). I feel as though hemming is a lost art and even though this may be a skill that some of you are familiar with, I know that it took me 23 years to learn it, and maybe I can expedite this process for someone else! Also, feel free to share any tips that you may know on hemming with us, we would love to hear them!

  Step 1.) The skirt was very long and already had an existing hem that was done by hand so we cut off some of the excess to make it easier to work with. We turned the skirt inside out (to allow pen markings) and measured up 6 inches from the bottom of the skirt making  marks along the way to assist in creating a straight cut. This cut is very important since future measurements will be taken using the bottom of the skirt as a guide.

Step 2.) After cutting off the excess, I then tried on the skirt to pick a proper non-granny length. I folded the skirt bottom up to match the length I wanted and placed a few pins to hold the fold so I could remember where it was when I took the skirt off!

Step 3.) Turn the skirt inside out once again and pin all the way around the skirt to match the fold length you made while wearing the skirt. Be sure to measure from the bottom as you are pinning to keep a uniform length.

Step 4.) Sew along the hem using a similarly colored thread. This was the part I was unsure about prior to my momma showing me, and I am glad that she was there! The trick is to go through all of the fabric from the fold and then sew through only a few threads from the inside of the fabric to connect it. You never want your needle to go through to the front of the skirt and you literally only need to attach it to a few threads.

You can see in the picture above that the needle literally only goes through a few pink threads from the inside of the skirt.

Step 5.) Continue sewing around the skirt to finish the hem! And rock what your momma hemmed ya!



  1. What a cute floral pattern! Runaway Thrift is having a giveaway through March 29th, check us out!

  2. Well thank ya! And we will be sure to check it out!

  3. So I just wanted to thank you for putting this up! I go to school with Jillian and saw her blog and then came across Oh Dontcha Sew. I've never blogged before or really read other's blogs, so I'm not sure if this is the proper way to applaud you guys or not haha. I find myself going through all your blogs on here and taking mental notes on all your DIY's and what not. I am a die hard thrifter and find myself sadly putting things back on the rack because of their "grannyish" appearance. You def gave me some inspiration here to start hemming and not to decline such cool fabrics and patterns! Thanks so much :)