Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Lace Sash Belt

I have created a quick DIY lace belt that I wanted to share with you!                               

 Supplies you need:
- Lace Fabric (I purchased mine from Jo-Ann fabrics for 9 dollars!)
- Thread (Preferably a kind that matches your lace)
-Sewing needle

1. I bought my fabric in a yard length. Now, I really like the way the scallops were on the top and bottom of the lace. So, with that said, I measured the lace around my waist to see how much I needed. Since, I wanted the top and bottom of the scallops to line my waist. I cut off how much I needed for my waist, and cut the fabric in half. I sewed the two pieces of fabric together!

2. After sewing the two pieces of fabric together, create an accordion effect on the end and sew closed ends.

3. Next, cut out your sashes for the back. You can cut as long as you choose. I wanted to be able to tie a bow with the sashes or just tie a knot! Also, I cut two v's into the ends of the sashes.

This project was a DIY while I was stuck in house trying to rest! I took some pictures out of on the bridge today wearing it!  It was warmer out then I expected! I think the lace popped with my red dress!

 Have a good weekend!

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  1. Is there a picture of the back of the sash? It's very pretty.