Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snowy Brunching + Vintage Shopping

 It was quite a snowy Saturday morning when Mia, myself, and Noelle ventured out in their hometown, (20 minutes from my hometown) for a quick morning brunch and vintage hunting trip. 

First, we went to Sisters Restaurant where they were running a yummy breakfast special, Peanut Butter Cocoa french toast, and Butterscotch Pancakes. (This isn't vegan, just an FYI! I had coffee and home fries! But, how good does that all sound?) After staying until Sister's 1pm close, we finished up our coffee and headed down the street.  We headed to our first spot, Manjones Vintage and Collectibles.

Manjones is run by Nancy and Ann, the two cousins started their store just about a year ago.  When you walk in Manjones, it's safe to say you might just fall into a tizzy, and stay in their mock powder room for the rest of your days. Teal, pink, lace, and velvet keep the little section incredibly cozy. Us three ladies might have stayed in that room alone for about 20 minutes! I was thrilled to find some old perfume bottles, which have become my new collectible. The next two sections focus on the living space, and kitchen. Pyrex, pretty painted glasses and juice containers fill the shelves. You can even get your hands on vintage cookie jars! The clothes section however, is where we all snagged a cute piece! 

I did get a quick interview with Ann!

J: How long have you been located here in Hazleton?
A: 1 year! 

J: What are some good vintage clothing techniques you live by when choosing vintage pieces?
A; I try to look for pretty hats, dresses that age well, and are in good condition. I also try to keep elements of old and new, and that can be flattering!

J: Do you run this store by yourself or with others?
A: I run this store with my cousin Nancy, who shares an equal passion for vintage and collectibles.

J: Have you lived in Hazleton your whole life? 
A: No, I was living in Florida for most of my life, I just moved back to Hazleton 2 years ago!

J: Did you own any other vintage stores?
A: Yes, in Florida I owned 3 stores! 

J: Where do you find all your pretty vintage and collectibles?
A: We find most of our pieces for the store at estate sales! 

Thanks for taking some time to talk to us, Ann!

Next, we were on our way to Remember When on Broad St. Both of the stores can be described as department stores for vintage for sure. Remember When was equally as big, and seemed more focused towards women's clothing. But still did have a fair share of men's clothing as well.  When you first walk in, you see glass counters filled with jewelry! I fell in love with two pieces at this store! I have to say the one dress, is my all time favorite by far! Unfortunately, the owner said she will be moving soon! The store is 30% off as of right now.  The owner said she hopes to locate to Savannah, Georgia by May or June! Luckily, the owner said her daughter started an etsy store for her! If you click Remember When above, it will take you right to their etsy store, if you can't visit locally!

Happy shopping! 


  1. Hey, thanks for much for the nice words about my mom's shop!! (Remember When) Our Etsy shop stats page linked me to here. Glad you came in and try to come in again before the close. :)


  2. We loved the shop! Good luck with your etsy store!