Friday, February 17, 2012

40 Ounces Of Koozie

40's, we all love em.. but those lil (or should I say big) buggers, tend to get warm and leave you feeling as if you have no choice but to batten down the hatches and chug one for the team. Luckily, there is an easy and fashionable crocheted solution, known as the koozie!

ch = chain
sc = single crochet

First off, you gotta collect the necessary Richards:
1.) Crochet hook (I used a size E or 3.50mm)
2.) Yarn (Red Heart is always a cheap and durable fave)
3.) Empty 40 oz bottle

1.) Ch 2
2.) 6 sc in the first ch
3.) 2 sc in each of the 6 existing sc's (you should have 12 sc)
4.) At this point it is helpful to use a piece of contrasting yarn to act as a marker for the first stitch of the next round so that you can watch the office while crocheting and laugh at the hilarity that is michael scott, without losing track of your counting.
5.) For the next round, make 2 sc in the next stitch followed by 1 sc in the next. Repeat this all the way around (2 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc etc..) until you have 18 sc completing that round.
6.) The next round will have 2 sc in the first stitch followed by 1 sc in the next two. Repeat to complete the round.
7.) Complete one more round with 2 sc in the first, and 1 sc in the following 3. Repeat to complete the round.

Now that you have a flat circle, you need a way to make it stand up! This is done by completing one round of sc's and then completing another round of sc's inserting the hook into the back of the stitch causing curvature of the piece (as seen in the picture on top).

The rest is actually quite simple, just continue to single crochet until the koozie is at your desired height!

I decided to add a handle for optimum koozie performance and did so by sc-ing into the base going through the existing stitches(I found that it was easier to do this while the koozie was on the bottle). I made the handle 4 sc thick. After making the first four sc, I then ch 1, flipped directions sc 4, ch 1, flipped directions, etc. I attached the end of the handle through the existing sc's 2 rows from the top of the koozie.

Lastly, I added a contrasting color to brighten up the piece and add some support. With the koozie on the bottle I went through the existing top layer sc's and added a sc to each one as tightly as possible to help keep the koozie from becoming loose at the top.

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