Monday, April 9, 2012

Thrifting Favorites: Segment 3

Hey ya'll, its Mia here with my segment of Thrifting Favorites. Over the past few days us girls here at Oh Dontcha Sew have been sharing a few of our favorite thrifted goodies. I know I can speak for all of us when I say we have so many loved pieces its hard to narrow them down in to one post. So I wanted to share with you all my favorite spring-ish pieces. Hope you enjoy <3

Here I have some of my favorite odds and ends. 
First on the left is a tiny milk glass vase. I have been collecting milk glass for a few years now and hope to some day have a entier hutch filled with it! Second to the left, is my favorite little owl trinket. Behind my little owl is a mug holder that I had purchased and repainted to transform it into a jeweler holder which was a fun functional little revamp. Lastly is this vintage Moran's Beverage bottle. This is a recent purchase of mine. I am a lover and collecter of vintage packaging. Vintage bottles are perfect for floral arrangements and add that little bit of extra character to any room or centerpiece. 

What screams spring more then bright and pastel floral patterns!?

Lastly 2 of my favorite wall art purchases.
The one on the left I purchased at my local goodwill for only $2! SAt the time it was a heinous sky blue with a vibrant crayon looking application of color on the flowers. But I knew I could save it (nothing a little spray paint and elbow grease couldn't cure!). On the right is a lovely hand embroider piece I also found at the goodwill for $4. I just love the idea that someone put time and love into something and that is one of the main reasons I love thrifting!

Untill next time!

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