Thursday, April 12, 2012

Magazine Magnets by 52 Weeks Project

Today 52 Weeks Project is going to bring you an easy DIY magnet made from magazines. I (Jill) have known Mae for almost 6 years now! I met her in Philadelphia during my time at the Art Institute. Mae is based now in the charming city of Portland, Oregon! I am so excited that she has started her blog about crafts.  Her blog is revolved around making 1 craft a week. I think it is a neat concept, because it keeps you doing a craft every week! She also has an etsy store called We the living devoted to her handmade cards. Her cards are adorable and I suggest you pick some up! Enjoy! 
What you’ll need:
1. Clear glass
2. Diamond glaze (or another glass glue)
3. Magazine of your choice
4. X-Acto Knife
5. Magnets

1. Trace around the glass with an X-Acto knife- pop out the desired section.

2. Using a brush, apply glue to the glass, then apply the paper. Once dry, you can apply your magnets.

Thank you Mae for this great craft! 
Happy crafting,

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